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Fully accredited and
registered with SEAI


Price list includes all taxes and registration fees.

Local Area Discount of €10 available for Bray, Greystones, Delgany, Kilpedder, Newtown, Kilcoole
Also, outside of our local area a discount of €10 each is available for two or more  properties near to each other, surveyed on the same day.
Subtract the discount from these prices;
Homes up to 275m2 1 Bedroom 2 Bedroom 3 Bedroom 4 Bedroom 5 Bedroom
Apartment €180 €190 €200 €210 -
Mid-Terrace House €185 €195 €205 €225 €240
Semi-Detached or End of Terrace €200 €200 €210 €225 €240
Detached House €210 €210 €220 €235 €255

Eg. a 3-bed semi detached in Dublin (without any extension built on) is €210 all inclusive.

* Please note the following extra charges must be added to the price from the above list, in each of these cases;

  1. If an extension has been added onto the original structure, or if there is a heated conservatory/sun-room; please add €10 for each to the above price.
  2. If the BER is for an SEAI Better Energy Scheme grant application, please add €15 for the extra work processing the grant forms. This charge does not apply if the grant is solely for a Solar PV system, because the installer of the solar panels normally handles all the paperwork.
  3. If the client requires printed copies of the BER and Advisory report to be sent in the post, instead of receiving same as an e-mail attachment, please add €5 for postage & printing.
  4. If the house is especially large (over 275 square metres) please use the price calculator below instead of the price list;
Only for larger homes of more than 275m2 please use the price calculator below instead of the price list. (275m2 is 2,957 square feet)

If we have received payment at the time of the survey, the BER Cert and advisory report will be emailed to you as a PDF file within one to two days following the survey. The original is held on a national database at the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI). You can forward the BER immediately to your estate agent or solicitor. They will print off as many copies as necessary or incorporate it into their promotional material.
All the above prices are fully inclusive and include the SEAI filing fee of €30; there are no other hidden charges.

What you get for your money:

  1. Dwelling Survey by a qualified & registered assessor
  2. BER Certificate
  3. Advisory Report (a free report containing some very basic and generic advice from SEAI)

The BER Cert and the Advisory Report are legal documents which you should forward on to any estate agent or solicitor that you are dealing with. The BER Cert must be displayed when advertising a property for sale or rental.These two documents will also be needed by your conveyancing solicitor before the sale can be closed.

How can I get a good BER Rating?
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BER Cert after SEAI grant works

If have availed of these grants, and the upgrade works have been completed, you will need a BER assessment to complete the grant process. The price for this BER Cert is the same as for the standard BER as shown above plus a €15 grant processing fee.
If the grant is for a Solar PV installation only, the €15 extra fee does not apply.
The usual extras for extensions etc. may also apply, as does any local area discount, as detailed above.

If we surveyed your property within the last 12 months and issued a BER Certificate, but you need an updated cert now because of recent upgrade work (with or without SEAI grant) then a flat rate charge of €130 applies.
Please ensure that the works contractor has signed the relevant parts of any SEAI grant forms before the survey. If it is an upgrade of the wall or roof insulation, it will be useful to show any delivery dockets, invoices or other evidence detailing the works to the BER assessor.
The flat rate €130 does not apply if the floor area of the house has increased, ie when an extension or an attic conversion has been built since the previous cert was issued.



About Us

Enrate was founded in 2009 by Clive Dalby to provide an energy rating service for residential dwellings. With over 20 years experience in construction and a particular interest in the emerging renewable "green" technologies, Clive is well placed to advise on how best to make the cost effective improvements to your property which will save you money. Sales and marketing are handled by Eithne Dalby. Enrate is fully accredited and registered with SEI, and a member of the BER Assessors Association of Ireland.

We are committed to providing a quality impartial service which will address the individual requirements of each client.

The Enrate promise; Your time is valuable; we will always get there for an appointment.



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Privacy Policy

Any information submitted by you will not be shared with any third party, except for data collected pertaining to a completed BER assessment which will become the property of Sustainable Energy Ireland (SEI) which is the issuing authority for BER Certificates. The BER result or grade only (being represented by a letter on a scale of A - G) which appears on the BER Certificate and the advisory report will be published on the SEI National Database and will be accessible to the public on the SEI website.